Cloud Services and Solutions

Cloud technologies are a game-changer for businesses around the world.

Cloud services help to provide fast and on-demand system features, such as networks, databases, and applications. These services can be exchanged inboard or with any service provider. It is an important tool in the era of web-based computing. As trends emerge from in-house service centers, these services help progress along. Many businesses use cloud services to keep up with the technology trends and to help adapt them. It also reduces costs and extra expenses.

Cloud technologies are a game-changer for businesses around the world as it allows companies to become more efficient, profitable and helps them to be at the top of their game. Hosting RS’s cloud services help businesses save costs and boost efficiency and productivity. We also help implement a hybrid technology environment.

Cloud solutions for your externalized IT infrastructure

Customers can now outsource hardware infrastructures like storage, servers, communication facilities or anything that formulates the most important blocks of IT system, due to standardization.

Hosting RS manages all resources, so clients don’t have to worry about anything. The same model used for Cloud computing is utilized for externalized IT infrastructures. Our Cloud services make sure to meet all the demands. It also covers a wide range of options including private, public and hybrid clouds.

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Our Solutions

It is not an easy task to set up a VPS system and not everyone can do so. Yet, to make it easier for clients to install their site and have our system ready to use, our experienced teams of professionals have pre-produced solutions for clients that make it hassle-free. The VPS features are in the cPanel that has an interactive interface where clients can find functions such as domains, email accounts, databases, and files
Public Cloud

A public cloud means a service that is offered through the public internet by a third party.

Private Cloud

Compared to the public cloud, a private cloud focuses on only one organization's needs and goals.

Hybrid Cloud

It allows businesses to expand their infrastructure on the public cloud for overflow in a very hassle-free way.

Cloud Servers

We make sure that all clients data and applications are safe and are accessible for them whenever they’d want it.

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Public Cloud

A public cloud means a service that is offered through the public internet by a third party. It is accessible and available to any client that wishes to use or purchase it. Public cloud services can be free of charges or on-demand for storage, CPU cycles or bandwidth consumed only for each use. IT solutions that are currently being used as a public resource have become more common as virtualization technology develops and progresses. Public cloud services are more preferred for projects that do not need extra safety measures or assured quality.

The Public Cloud services that Hosting RS offers are best for software development, web hosting, testing, as well as e-commerce environments. The digital encapsulation of all data stored in the public cloud makes this information accessible for external users by offering security through standard technologies such as proxies and firewalls.

Features of Public Hosting

Our team provides virtual databases, dedicated servers, and backup services. Our Public Cloud can prove to be very beneficial for our clients. Hosting RS’s public cloud service includes the following:

  • Public service available 24/7
  • Availability to an unlimited number of users
  • Pay as you go
  • Shared infrastructure
  • Maintenance and update of operating systems and applications
  • Access to shared internet

Private Cloud

Private cloud is similar to the public cloud in terms of the benefits it provides, not only because of the proprietary architecture but also by its expandability and independent nature. Compared to the public cloud’s strategy of offering services to many organizations, a private cloud focuses on only one organization's needs and goals.

A private cloud is a revolutionary implementation in evolving the typical cloud computing model for many businesses. All a client needs to do, to implement this model is to externalize their hardware and virtual platform’s infrastructure.

This model means commitment, isolation and specific SLAs of hardware resources. It is most fit for cloud migrant organizations. It can help them save operational costs and boost the efficiency of their IT department.

Experts at Hosting RS have constructed the cloud platform in such a way that cloud solutions can be customized in accordance with any project. All data is secure on a private cloud throughout the IT process.

Hybrid Cloud


The core IT system protected by a backup environment located in a different place.


Business continuity plan and strategy.


The distribution of the IT system on several sites.

Hybrid cloud computing is a kind of computing that has a bit of a different plan of action compared to the others. It is based on a public cloud computing environment. It works by combining data and apps between the public and privately-owned cloud. It does not involve any third party data to access all their information. It also allows businesses to expand their infrastructure on the public cloud for overflow in a very hassle-free way.

This type of computing has both private and public advantages. Businesses utilize this through their own private cloud platform. However, external resources are needed to support short-term projects or specific demands.

We, at Hosting RS, properly analyze in order to determine whether a business needs a hybrid solution or not. In order to achieve this, we offer assistance and have helped many customers reach their goals. This solution is a complex model and can be utilized for a wide range of needs.

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Cloud Servers

At Hosting RS, we take our clients very seriously and take into consideration their goals and provide solutions. Our main aim is to ensure quality and help reduce extra costs. Customers are not required to put in money for a Cloud server system, and they will still be able to use any of the advanced features. All they would have to do is to pay for the services offered.

We make sure that all clients’ data and applications are safe. It is also accessible for them whenever they’d want it. We make sure clients never have to go through the hassle of dealing with the administrative challenges of an IT department that is complex.

Unmanaged Hosting

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